Thursday, March 2

Today ...

Started off GREAT and it just got better and better, it was a GOOD DAY.
1. There was no drunken abuse performance from the neighbours (perhaps Mr Brown's firm but fair comments the night before sunk in)

2. I slept the whole night through, covered by sheet! (you have no idea how blissful this is to a cold-climate person trapped in a sub-tropical city). All night, without waking up all hot and sweaty and there were no sweaty spots from where the cats had been leaning all night (they instinctively lean on me because I instinctively do not roll over on them. I lie pinned down by balls of fluff and claw - Mr Brown has no such tender instincts and would accidentally crush them in a heartbeat - they know that, instinctively - ha)

3. There were delicious leftovers for lunch (ie Mr Brown did not consume my carefully kept aside lunch in a bout of ravenous insomnia)

4. Ping showed me her tummy before I ran out the door

5. It was free coffee day on little train

6. A wee poppet blessed me after a particularly excessive sneezing fit (I'm a multiple sneezer, and yes I know what the say about people who sneeze in multiples - I refuse to confirm or deny). I think he was waiting for me to do it again but I'm not a performing seal people!

7. We had Cake from David Jones for morning tea - I had a piece of both!

8. My boss called me a genius (she's easily impressed)

9. I found out a dear old friend, from practically a past life (we've known each other from 8 - just take my word for it, that's a bloody long time), is blogging

10. A different friend sent me this which made me larf out loud in the office environment

11. I found this randomly trawling and it is stunningly beautiful.


12.And to top it all off it piss-bucketed down rain on the way home, but not until we were all safe and tucked up in the ute for the drive home. It was a proper rain storm that soaked into the garden and made the place smell great.


caw said...

I could not stop smiling thru this entire read! Oh my, what a wonderful day. We like days that go just like that one.

Re: your blogging friend - intrigued by another's comments on your blog, I also read her blog and found it fascinating reading.

OMG, the failure issue. I thought I owned that? It appears I am mistaken. Mine the irky failure-fraud combo.

"Resting" in my case is waiting for the Green Card. Trying to finish my study. Overloading myself with a mountain of unignorable Things To Do so I feel as tho I am contributing in some obscure way to the world at large.

But not working is awful and the unbearableness of it has started to eat away at me.

Altho, did I tell you there is a work opp in LA in June? Yes. A pilot for an unnamed Aussie broadcaster (hey, there are only 3 to choose from). That would be quite nice, as I am forbidden to work for a US broadcaster.

Forbidden to contribute. Sigh.

B hates LA. He chokes on the very thought of the place. I, on the other hand, have never been there - let alone worked there - so am keen to experience it.

Ultimately, I'd like to move to San Francisco and work there as a broadcasting guru, but we will see how the lay of the land is where I am at first.

I didn't realise this was going to be such a long comment.

Oops. Shorter next time.

caw xx

ps: I love that you can blog such profanity. My mother and father would faint if I attempted to do so.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

The dooced woman make her father faint regularly apparently. I'm trying to avoid profanity as it's not "nice" but when the moment calls for it! (Oh, and my mum has said Fuck so she can't complaint or swoon about it anymore - must say it made our jaws drop at the time though).
Have you been forbidden from working in us broadcasting for EVA? BASTARDS - don't they know what they are missing?????????

caw said...

LOL - nah, not forbidden til the end of time - only until I get a Green Card. Which could be up to a year, but even that is plenty boring.

But then, my study will take at least a year so to be honest the timing works quite well but it's still pooey not being able to work in some sort of "meaningful" capacity.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I read in the paper this morning that LA has a real life actual functioning rail and underground system! Perhaps that will sway Mr CAW!