Friday, March 3

I rather like ...

My morning commute.

I like my station - under the highway, where I can sit and look out over the rail-line waste land and watch the Superb Fairy Wrens flitter through the grass and shrubbery and the glossy black Ravens strut through the grass moaning Faaaaaaaaaarrrkkk in that mournfully way.
I like looking out the window at Annandale, especially the witches hat houses, one day one of them will be mine!
I like pulling up alongside the Sandstone Quarry with all the slabs and chunks and bits of beautiful Sydney standstone with its wildly varied colours, muted and splendid.
I like pulling up alongside Rozelle Bay and watching the dogs running with tongues flopping, ears flapping and tails waving, enjoying doggie company.
I like going through the tunnels and seeking the greenery flourishing under the lights. I like to imagine bats nestled up in the ceiling and blind cave fish in the puddles between the tracks too.
I like to keep an eye out for the black and white railway cats. Spotting one sunning himself on a warm stone makes me smile.
I like the sandstone cliffs on one side and the sandstone coloured brick apartment buildings on the other, creating a sort of canyon.
I don't like the unspeakable vulgarity of the Casino stop but I do like that I can hear the artificial waterfall tumbling down when the train doors open.

I like pulling into Convention station with all the Angels Trumpet Vines along the side. Even when they are not in bright orange flower you know they will be, sometime.
I like the way the monorail trip makes me feel like I'm living in a Jestons cartoon and I like how most of my fellow passengers are tourists (local, national or international) so they are happy or excited to be there and smile and joke rather than sit being glum commuters.
I like that when I step out onto Pitt Street, if I look up, I can see the most glorious piece of glass art, a bright slab of joyful colour and if it's sunny, it glows.
I like that when I get into work people still chuckle when I say "moaning" instead of "morning" and that I can sit down, log on and make a cup of Jasmine tea in a butterfly mug before I start the rest of the day. Image care of ...

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