Tuesday, March 28

Sadie Day #2

Ok then, that's the lounge room,the bathroom (too old & icky for public viewing even after cleaning) & the tiny hallway done (yers, that's a ribbity frog at bottom right, to startle the unwary).I rediscovered (& cleaned) the floorboards,did the rug thing (my that's big one is a heavy bastard I may have popped something, oooh) & dusted like a daemon (cough).In the bathroom I tried to cheat by using some toxic pink stuff called "Easy Off Bam" - as I began hacking up some melted lung (the toxic fumes, the horror), I remembered why it was I'd started using baking soda, vinegar & elbow grease some time ago. And it didn't clean anyway! All that health risk & I had to use elbow grease (& a little diluted bleach) at the end of it. I guess it was easy off, it just didn't take the soap scum with it, grrrr. They should rename it "pointless toxic pink muck that will make you cross and thow a sponge" & be done with it.

Still, all is gleaming, dust free &, again with the light scent of orange oil - mmmm. If only Mr Brown had done the washing up before he left this morning, I'd have baked him a cake (that'll teach him)!

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