Monday, March 27

Sadie the Cleaning Lady ...

Day #1 - That's the main bedroom (the blue room), the library (the green room) and the hallway (the yellow room) done.
Tops of wardrobes & bookshelves dusted, all shelves dusted, books and those bloody dustgathering arty things dusted. All rugs vaccummed, removed, shaken, floors underneath dusted and washed. Walls swept. All curtins washed and back up & clean sheets on bed.
I'm exhausted, slightly dizzy from dehydration and may be coming down with black lung from all the dust I've inhaled. On the upside the rooms look great and there's a nice smell of orange oil in the air.
But I've still got the big, scary rooms to go - I'm not looking forward to the rest of this cleaning thing at all.
Did I mention the DUST?

Dust free books, nice clean floor


caw said...

Holy smoke, I feel positively inadequate!!

Good show, it feels great to get all those ghastly things out of the way I'll bet.

In a shocking admission, I haven't even vaccuumed since I've been here. B does that. He also does most of the laundry, cleaning, cooking, driving around to places, buying of things, etc.

I used to do the dishes until I rediscovered the dishwasher.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Day 2, I've been 2 hours in the lounge and still haven't done, I'm close to tears, that may be dehydration though - I've stopped for a bit for some water and a sit down. FUCK I HATE HOUSEWORK - you are right though. Last night I got into my nice clean bed in my nice clean bedroom and slept the sleep of the very tired but happy. I guess you've got to finish the task before the good feelings start. blerg.