Wednesday, March 29

Day # 3 with the cleaning already ....

The dining room today - it's the whole width of the house so I think that's enough for one day - particularly when you take into account that I had to vaccum a whole horse!

The dust is unbelievable - and the hair! (cat and human) I can't believe how much we all shed, you could stuff a mattress with it, Mr Brown the Girls & I are in for a full body shave so I never have to do this again. And the polishing of our 16 million coffee makers (only a slight exageration), has made my handsies tired. Lucky for me Ping chipped in with the table polishing. She's not keen on the cleaning thing and mainly sulks in the laundry - Look out on Friday Pingu, I'm coming in!

Still, it's all done with and looking good methinks.

OOOh, household hint. If a rug gets marked by heavy furniture pressing down on it, an ice cube on the pressed spot will bring it back to new! Like magic.


ice time


And this, well good.


caw said...

Oh my, this dustbusting thing is on a much larger scale than originally predicted. Noice. I especially liked the ice cube tip. I'd just leave the cupboard where it stood - not one for moving heavy furniture around unless it begs for it. Even then, I'd probably only move it an inch or two or wait to move house then get the burly removal blokes to do it or take to it with an axe. One can never have enough firewood.

And good, yes, on the article. My opinion of the Water Police's handling of this entire case is less than glowing.

I don't know why it was not given to Homicide in the first instance. Death In Violent Circumstances was always the central issue (amongst others) & as such needed to be dealt with on a much higher level at the outset. Sigh. Maybe I'm just a tad old fashioned.

I hope they throw the book at these weasels. Or the whole library. Oh, fuck it. Throw the entire planet at them.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

A good old fashioned stoneing perhaps.
I did take the week off to clean, and still have the kitchen (thursday) and the endroon/laundry (friday) to go. The shit room is too terrifying and I've told Mr Brown he has to do it.
Then I'll have the lovely weekend to do bugger all!