Saturday, March 4

Last Night ...

We went to the Australia Day Botany Bay Regatta award night at the Randwick City Council Chambers. Mr Brown won a prize for his sailing genius. Image of Mr Brown's boat thanks to ...
It was handed to him by the French Consul General Monsieur Laurent Delahousse, a most charming Gallic gentleman.

It was a bit of a fancy do, the Governor NSW, Prof Marie Bashir, handed out some loot and the (in real life quite short) terribly rich bastard Liberal Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull was there too, as was our generous host Mr Mayor, Ted Seng.

Anyhoo, given the mini launch experience I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but it turned out to be a hoot. It was charming, twee, quaint, lovely, with speeches and good-natured clapping for everyone! And not a posh-frock wearing, shiny-haired girlie in sight.

The Randwick Council building was lovely (but not as lovely as the Leichhardt Town Hall building of course but lovely). They even harvest rainwater from the roof.

And the food was served by charming silver-haired gentlemen (not vapid snooty blondes) and it was plentiful and delicious and the booze free flowing (I’m afraid I may have got a little squiffy but I did not embarrass myself or Mr Brown - I'm just much more likely to talk to strangers if I've taken of the fermented grape juice). There was so much lovely food, hot and cold; that we didn’t need dinner when we got home (just as well, I was in no condition to be allowed near a hot stove).

The only downside of the evening was some big $¼ million boat knob-end dissed Mr Brown’s boat make (for CAW - it’s a Magic 25). Mr Brown, ever the diplomat, ignored the cruel jibe but bemoaned the fact he did not smack the creep down with a well-placed “wanker”. I’m more of a poke-in-the-eye sort of girl; this is why Mr Brown often holds my hands in public! And people think it's affection (fools).


caw said...

I'll say it instead ... "KNOBBY WANKA". I've sailed on a Magic 25 and reckon they're the bees knees. Love the purpose of the hand holding in this post. I'd probably just tip a sticky drink on the bloke's deck shoes.

Was your clever jibe (gybe) reference intentional, considering the event was one of sailing biz?

What a great fun day out. I so miss the H20 and sailing around on it.

In April, we are going to the Bay area (as they call San Francisco) to get on the water in a nice 40 footer which I am looking forward to more than perhaps the last supper.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Um, Jibe nope, just instinctively brilliant I suppose. You may also have noted we lasted 2 whole days with the giving up booze for lent thing. Ops, the sacrifice has been refined, no booze at HOME, free booze outside of the home doesn't count!