Friday, February 17

Feeling old, fat & frumpy ...

Because I made the mistake of accompanying Mr Brown to the new "limited edition Mini" launch last night. We were like a couple of onions in a petunia patch - The place was filled to the brim with really tall, thin girls in elegant dresses (me straight from work and, well, woman-shaped), with that long, straight shiny, shiny hair (me, shortish and wildly humidity-effected hair). Even Mr Brown felt out of place, he didn't wear a suit over a brightly coloured shirt, nor did he have a cute & boyish hairstyle, the kind you get with lots of "product". And, I have to say, the music was ghastly, dooff, dooff, dooff. I really must be getting old.
On the upside the booze was nice and the little nibbly things were very good, when the pretty blonde girlies deigned to notice the old frumpies! Nice show bags though, loot that's actually worth getting. And the cars, well cute as buttons, we won't be getting one though, been there, done that.

Minmin @ home
UPDATE: Oh lookie, the "event" made it into the social pages. So now I know what it is that is considered a "social event" in Sydney, a product launch.


caw said...

Just quietly, this made me laugh and laugh amongst my furious emails and postings and blogging activity of the last couple of days.

Such elegant summing up of the BYTs (blonde young things). Refreshing!!


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Glad I could add at lease some giggles to an otherwise nosebleedy day!
x dmm