Monday, March 20

oooh, lovely ....

Lookie at this and then go here for more (many thanks to Pruned).

(image thanks to ...)


caw said...

oo er. Tried to comment on the domestic ballistic book entry, but there is no comment field. Weird, no?

That is a formidable library - I checked it out on Flickr & nearly fell orf my chair.

B is afraid to lend me his books because I told him that I drew in a book once. I was about 7 and it seemed like a good idea. Besides, it was only in pencil AND I rubbed it out straight away).

Now tho - I freely confess, I draw all over my study books in pencil. I worry that if I don't, I'll forget where the important words were, for there are so many books that they just merge one into the other.

I hope this does not strike fear into the reader. Your books are safe. All Other People's Books are safe. Mine, however, are not for they are merely research tools and instruction manuals for pestilence and world domination. Tee hee.

caw said...

oooo. Now the Blogger message says "Your comment has been save and will be visible after blog owner approval."

Wow. That's Power.

caw said...

oooo didja get the previous comment?? it was a clever one, but i dont recall what it was exactly. i think it was about drawing in books ... ?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Nar I got overexcited in my template and accidentally did something silly - nevermind, I think I've fixed it.
Also, I managed to delete the comment option on my last post - cannot work out how to fix that - bugger.