Thursday, February 23

Something to make you dance ....

In your chair, with joy. Love it. And so did some others, because they made a live version!

This is another dance in your chair number (thanks CAW).

A quick chair dance is all a dancing mouse needs to cheer up mostly.


caw said...

ooooooooo I'm so glad Mr Nice got a geurnsey. Isn't he the best?

When I feel a tad low and homesick, I play Mr Nice.

Altho, my PC gets confused and plays his music over any other music coming thru on my headphones. Such as Powderfinger.

Powderfinger, with Mr Nice and Tijuana Brass, is quite a trip. Confusing, of course, but then Mexican trumpet music usually is.

Did I give you the link for racing sushi around the table? I usually end up racing a crab craw into a soy spill, then skid off the track on to the table cloth.

The skulls come on screen to represent my crab craw death. All very dramatic in a Japanese Italian kind of way.

caw caw

Ms Brown Mouse said...

OOh, quick, send me the racing sushi!