Tuesday, February 7

It was a wild and windy night last night ...

And I'm pretty sure there was a blackout because Ping woke me up by dropping something a bit heavy & damp on my bare leg & I reached down to see what it was & upon discovering it was her balled up bit of masking tape (fossicked from the bin after the last painting episode) that she likes us to throw so she can fetch it & bring it back to be thrown again (& again & again) & said to her, "no Ping, I'm not going to play with you at ... (& rolled over to look at the clock to see exactly what time it was that I'm wasn't going to play fetch with damp masking tape) ... & found that the clock face had gone orange & was flashing 12:00.
Mr Brown woke and grumbled "what have you done to it this time?" (the clock that is) &, after repeated denials that I'd touched the clock or changed the settings in a not-quite-awake-frenzy of clock thrashing, said "must've be a blackout".
Later, he wandered down the hall to find his mobile telephone to see what time it was & to hide Ping's masking-tape ball so she couldn't bring it to bed again, he said, "Ping, that's enough now, it's 4am, go so sleep" & she did, eventually, draped most elegantly across his neck!

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