Wednesday, February 8

All the cool bloggers are doing it ...

And even though I've come to accept that I will never be cool, I'm going to do it too ... Four Things

Four jobs I've had
Reporter (newspaper)
Sub Editor (different newspaper)
Deputy Registrar

Government Drone (not telling)

Four movies I can watch over and over:
I can't actually think of any – BUT here are four books I can read over and over:
Possession by AS Byatt
Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido
The Shipping News by Annie Proulx
The Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

Four places I've lived:
Canberra (where I did most of my growing up, went to school, got married)
Sydney (born & returned to though not to spawn)
Ballarat (worked there)
New York (a looooooong time ago)

Four TV shows I love:
Dr Who (new & old)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Coupling (UK not USA)

Four places I've been on holiday:
Great Ocean Road (Victoria)
New Zealand

Four of my favourite dishes:
Potatoes (roasted, chipped, as crisps, mashed, boiled, cooked with cream & cheese in the style that will give you a heart attack ...)
Avocados (on toast, as Guacamole, with a little dressing, with pasta, in a salad with sundried tomatoes ...)
Meat of the blessed Pig (roast pork with crackling, bacon, ham, salami, sausages, Prosciutto ...)
Spaghetti Vongole

Four sites I visit (almost) daily:
Sydney Morning Herald online
The Morning News
CAW’s Welcome to the Hotel California

Four places I would rather be right now:
New York

There, I feel better now.

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caw said...

oooo, funnage! Okie dokie:

4 Jobs ...
TV Producer
Web Editor
Flag Seller at the Cricket

4 Flicks ...
The Deerhunter
The Abyss
The Killing Fields
Broadcast News

4 Places I've Lived In ...
Notting Hill (London)
Sacramento (California)
Cremorne Point (Sydney)
Cottesloe (Perth)

4 TV Shows I Love ...
Gilmour Girls
Little Britain
Aunty Jack
Kath & Kim (can I have 5?)

4 Places I've Holidayed ...

4 Of My Fave Dishes ...
Roast Lamb
Pasta of any description
Corona (is that a dish?)

4 Sites I Visit Daily ...
Sydney Morning Herald (News)
The Oz (news)
University o'the Gong (Uni)
Horse's Mouth (sailing)
Dancing Morgan Mouse (bloggage)
Onion Head Monster (comics)
Superficial (celeb gossip)
Volvo Ocean Race (sailing)
Sailing Simulator (enough said)
(can I have 9? there are lots more which I can't fit here ...)

4 Places I'd Rather Be Now ...
Sailing anywhere warm
Bora Bora
In Mum's kitchen