Monday, February 6

I've just worked out why ...

My siblings & I are the way we are, why our lives aren't perfect.
It's because our mother sent us to school with ordinary lunches, sandwiches and apples and fairycakes and suchlike, in paper bags! The horror of it.
If Mum had really cared, had sent us to school with lunches like this, just imagine how our lives would be different today ...
Thank goodness my sister is stepping up to the challenge with her loinfruit's lunch - we are on the hunt for non-black bento boxes, wish us luck! (Non-black because the school loinfruit is about to attend won't allow black things - too negative apparently).
UPDATE: Below, loinfruit's 1st school lunch & evidence my sister has lost her mind.

Update 2: Lookie, more folks who photograph their lunches - crikey!


caw said...

Jesus Christ. Have you ever seen more amazing lunches in your life? I mean EVERY?

Wow. I used to order my lunch in to the school and all the farm kids used to get jealous. So then I'd swap lunches with them and I'd have their beef & home made chutney or gherkin with polony (Devon) and they'd have my pie & sauce, Twisties and a Coke.

It was a pretty good deal. I got healthy, they felt special, all in rather a win-win sort of thing.

Although, I had to draw the line at mock chicken. I couldn't go there. To this day, I don't know what was inside the mock chicken. Probably wood shavings covered in mayo.


caw said...

ps: that's meant to say EVER ... not EVERY. I can't work out how to edit my comment ... it's too hard today. No sleep, Uni, writing, wedding, washing, cooking, cleaning, OH MY GOD - I'm having a Betty Homemaker Meltdown!

(actually, the cooking & cleaning bit was made up. I have cooked twice since I've been here and only clean up when I feel like it)

spindleshanks said...

i'm sorry mr steiner. some good ideas and all that. but banning black things because they are too negative??? that's just stupid. and racist.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers, SS, I have mused out loud along the lines of "what if you tried to enrol a black child?" Got some dark (hehehe) looks for that.