Tuesday, February 14

Flawed logic ...

Apparently Australians are "aborting ourselves almost out of existence".
According to Federal MP Danna Vale (coalition, couldn't you guess?) thinks voting against the abortion drug RU486 is necessary because otherwise there won't be enough (white, christian I'm assuming) Australians born to withstand the muslim hordes.
What seems to be slipping the minds of these people is that the abortions are already happening, banning the drug won't stop them. The drug is just another way of doing it and if you can't take a pill then I guess you'll go the surgery route.
I particularly liked the t-shirt the Greens senator wore to work the other day, you go girl.

And today, according to my desk diary, was st valentines day. Mr Brown & I don't do the day, too commercial & we both resent the being told when to be nice to each other. Still, I did email him a rose

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