Monday, February 13

Ohh, now I understand ...

It's not ennui with which I am overcome. It's disgruntlement!
I'm an angst-ridden culture worker, inhabiting Sydney's inner west, the area apparently topping a national list of electorates in all-round unhappiness. Gward, it's a wonder I ever manage to get out of bed in the morning.
It would seem there is a scorecard, known as the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, which measures how satisfied people feel over seven areas of their life - standard of living, health, relationships, what they are achieving in life, safety, community connection and future security.
I didn't get surveyed, nor did Mr Brown, but if we had we may have buggered up the curve - I'd give myself a high score in all seven (well except January and February, especially February), Mr Brown six of the seven (not telling).
Sigh, and I thought it was just battling through the armpit month that is February.
UPDATE: Not only unhappy but mean too, Crikey.

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