Saturday, December 10

News ...

... I'm terribly, terribly tired, almost all the time.
  • I suspect I need a tonic, or a holiday, or to suddenly become so rich I don't have to work anymore.
  • I got an iPad, it has made me lazy. It is also UTTER CRAP to blog from, so, I don't.
  • Spring came, Summer tried to, it's been raining a lot. I don't mind the cool but could do with rain say, every second day for a while.
  • My back is getting better.
  • I HATE xmas with a passion now. Every year I hate it more and more. I can't really explain why, but there it is.
  • Still, to mark the end of the year my dad and I are going to cook a goose. A free-range goose of course. We are, however, in "negotiations" about whether the goose should be a lunch goose or a dinner goose.
  • I have bought elevently million new pens, too many to show you here. Pop in sometime for a visit & pen view. I'll make coffee and even a cake!
  • Plans are Mr Brown & I will be visiting the West Coast of the USofA in September 2012.
  • I bought a tiny wee Elderflower bush. We are planting it today. When I'm 80 I shall be able to make Elderflower wine, perhaps sooner.
  • Pingu & Tigger are most fine and dandy. Mr Brown had to take some taxi receipts to work the other day, full of tooth holes! Lucky for him the accountant thought his excuse (Tigger steals them and brings them to me to scrumple and throw) was "adorable".
  • Tonight is Mr Brown's work xmas do. I bought a new outfit yesterday in a mad what to wear panic. Am quite pleased with the result and plan to paint my toenails a festive orange to mark the occasion.
There, I'll try to pop in a little more often MsC xx


cookiecrumb said...

She's back! So happy to see you and hear the newses. Have a great time at the do.

PS: You are my hostage. ~ Sluggo

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, dunno about "hostage" but clearly I'm a slave to your will :)

cookiecrumb said...

I didn't want to say "bitch." oops.

themother said...

She's back! I'm so glad.

Zoomie said...

Welcome back! Glad to get news of the cats and Mr Brown, especially the part about the visit to the US. Photos of the furry girls would be fun, hint, hint.

Pink Granite said...

Dear Ms. Dancing Mouse,
That's a lovely update.
But what we all are dying to know is - how is your MeisterSinger Neo???
We've all bonded with it in recent weeks.

- I too am tired, frequently ridiculously so.
- I too need something - perhaps to simply run away from the ER-ing which is overwhelming and exhausting.
- I have an iPad and love it - but not for everything.
- Autumn came, Winter hasn't really tried yet - no complaints though.
- My back is well - even after hunching over helping Izzy with her new skill: walking!
- I don't hate Christmas but it is nothing like it once was which was truly enchanting, warm and full of beautiful, comforting rituals.
- Carrie and Al have invited us to Christmas dinner, for which we are most grateful. There will not be a goose. But there will likely be some drama leading up to it created by some very silly geese...
- I am unhappy with my previously wildly reliable pen of choice. I dread finding another old faithful ballpoint in medium blue.
- Chuck and I will go to Bar Harbor in the spring and in the autumn - hopefully forever and ever.
- I have planted nothing recently. I look forward to sharing your Elderflower wine with you some fine day.
- I have nothing related to our feline housemates which could be described as "adorable".
- We have no Christmas "dos" to go to, but I really need a new dressy-ish outfit to add to my one extant wedding/funeral outfit.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, I knew ;)
Ma - yes, still here. How are the goose negotiations going?
Zoomie, you really must visit Twitter! Cat photos almost DAILY :D
Lee, You! Cheeky!
Neo is fine, I took her to the party last night and she met a fancy italian watch :) All the News :) Wonderful! I check your weather quite often now, to be sure your roof is safe.xx

e said...

Och! I know the feeling, about being tired. What is that? I'm so exhausted that there is not enough sleep in the world. I see that it's a common thing. The more efficient we get, the more we work. It's getting worse instead of better. I'm annoyed.

Also, I sure hope I get to see you when you come to the West coast in 2012! I live in LA but if you end up in SF only I might be able to coordinate a visit and we can have lunch!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, I think SF and then possibly a bit going north is the most likely. But LUNCH, ooooh yes, that would be rather delightful :)

e said...

Cool, keep me posted, I will try to come meet you!