Sunday, November 6

I bought a watch ....

... I didn't mean to, but I did.
It's a MeisterSinger Neo.A one-handed watch, and yet, amazingly enough, time can still be read from it.
Accurate to about 5 minutes.So, not the watch for someone who demands extreme accuracy. But fine for me who needs to know the time, but is happy to wibble a minute here or there.It was that festering-pit of enabling, Twitter, that led me there. And, like my last watch indulgence, Master-Watch-Enabler @aptronym held my hand and did the bargaining.You read, time and again, about the dangers of the Internet, and yet, I've met some really lovely people online who've turned out to be pretty fabulous in real life.
For this, I am thankful & glad. Also, Crikey, I do still have a lot of freckles don't I?

O, all photos were taken by @aptronym :)


Zoomie said...

Very handsome - a good watch for a retired person, like me, who never needs to be anywhere exactly on time.

cookiecrumb said...

I'm not looking at your freckles, I'm looking at your belle poitrine.
So, I think I can read the one hand. Is it close to 12:30? Go to bed!

e said...

Ah, the intertubes. Source of all things. Cool watch!

Pink Granite said...

I was not implicated in this particular enabling!
Very cool watch, but I believe I would miss the the other hand.
Beautiful dress as well!
- Lee
P.S. How about that storage case just for watches? Uh oh, enabling... ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, yep, who needs to be exact!.
Cookie - Arrrrggggg *blushes furiously* (and you're right, 12:30 but in the afternoon!)
E- Isn't it though, LOVE the interweb.
Lee, STOP IT, this is wickedness!

e said...

Ah, my friend. I see you're blogging about as much as I am these days. What's going on, I wonder, that all of us are so ... inconsistent these days? Are we all too busy having affairs with Herman Cain? ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, dunno, I'm just so tired lately. I think I need a holiday, and a tonic, and summer to be over already :)

S said...

Yes, I glanced at the watch, thought cool but was quite taken by the number of freckles... I think I have that many too. Wow.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, lucky for us the spots are adorable :)