Saturday, October 22

So, last Sunday ....

... we went out and bought ourselves a nice anniversary present.
And, because it was our anniversary, the shop, DJs, gave us 20% off! * How could we refuse? Really, it was meant to be.
And, since we were in town, Mr Brown bought himself a dapper new gentleman's hat.
And, since we were in the vicinity, we went to Reuben & Moore and had FUCKING huge Reuben Sandwiches with the pink-salt-besprinkled chips, and felt sick from the overeating of it all.

And, then we went home, retired Francis Francis and installed the "Monster" and made coffee until we ran out of milk.
Then, we went out for dinner and ate too much rich food and drank too much fine wine and felt all liverish the next day.
So, all in all, a most successful day.

* No, not really, it just so happened the 20% off was for that weekend only, serendipity eh?


cookiecrumb said...

The picture is not coming through on my Ippy... But: "until we ran out of milk." Poetry!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, we did run out, and because the markets are only on a Saturday and I won't buy corporate milk, we had to wait a whole week before we fired the monster up again!

cookiecrumb said...

We are lucky to have lovely milk and associated products in mainstream grocery stores by Local Organic Dairies! So Marin. (If you want to come up here in 2012, give me a heads up now. It will take that long to tidy up.) :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, consider this a heads up! We will be in SF & associated areas in September (I think, around then anyhoo) I expect a hotdog tasteoff!

Zoomie said...

Fun to have the new Monster to entertain you. How do the kitties react to the hissing and moaning as the coffee drips out?

Pink Granite said...

Yay you two & your big day!
I want to see the dapper gentleman's hat.
Chuck wears hats - very snazzy on a man methinks!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, the girls don't mind that at all, both heard it, or similar, all their furry little lives :)

e said...

God that coffee looks amazing. So is the machine everything the ad said it would be? Mmmh. Envy.

BTW, love the new font!