Sunday, October 16

Conversation, early this morning ...

... He "Happy Anniversary Mouse."
Me "Happy Anniversary, 18 years eh?"
He "Yep."
Me "Shall we give it another?"
He "Sure, why not."

Dinner will be here, because that's 'tradition'. We will, no doubt, eat several different kinds of oysters, some Kosciusko Pearl Trout Roe on Potato Blinis with Wasabi & Crème Fraiche and follow that with the Snapper Pie with Smoked Tomato & Mashed Potato. We are nothing if not fixed in our ways.


Pink Granite said...

Happy Anniversary to two lovely people!
May you always know happiness!
- Lee & Chuck

cookiecrumb said...

Whew, no divorce papers in the works, then?
Your dinner sounds sumptuous, but I have to laugh. You could never get snapper pie in an upscale US restaurant. It's just the way we are.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee & Chuck XXXX back atcha!
Cookie, it IS a rather flash Snapper Pie, not your ordinary run of the mill kind of fishy pie :)

S said...

Happy Anniversary,. I drank champers today, nice champers too; I thought it was just because but now I remember! xx

Roo said...

Wahaaaay - congrats, and a snappy dress too! ;o) Cheers to you both from me and P xx

Zoomie said...

And many more!

themother said...

You and your dress look just as lovely as on the day itself, my pet. And, despite your handsome groom having no head, he's just as lovely, too!

e said...

Happy Anniversary!!!