Saturday, July 30

That feeling ...

... you know the feeling, it sneaks up on you as you're walking along.
You're just walking along, briskly, striding really, you're on your way somewhere ... and you suddenly notice.
You notice your muscles, flexing and relaxing as you bend your knees and swing your arms.
You become aware of the smooth glide of muscles in your legs, your thighs, as they skim over each other as you move along.
That slip of your back muscles, over your ribs, that slight pull at the spine.
There's a slight, not quite click, as all those hundreds of little foot bones move in perfect synchronicity.
You feel your face, your cheeks glow a little pink. You're warm but not hot.
You hear that slight "boom, whooosh" in your ears as your blood pumps along it's circulatory route.
There's no pain, no aches, just an awareness of movement, that everything's working as it should. Flex, relax, slip, slide, skim, sweep as you sally forth.
If you think about it too hard, it disappears.
I love that feeling.
I've not felt that way for quite a while.
I think I need to do something about that.


e said...

It's kinda magical, isn't it? You get present to what a miracle we are.

cookiecrumb said...

Somebody's been doing the European Walk Walk Workout! Keep walkin'. :D

Pink Granite said...

Perfect description!
Hope you experience it more often!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - I'm amazed we work at all :)
Cookie, it's more a cry for the time it was all pain free :(
Lee, so do I, I'm working on it.