Sunday, July 31

Last weekend ...

... we went out and ordered a new bed.
This weekend it was delivered.
We ordered a new bed because I ached for pain-free sleep, or the ability to actually get to sleep, which was proving difficult due to ... pain. The trip home, very turbulent, basically set the poor old spine back to day 1.
So, Mr Brown took me bed shopping in the hope a proper, grown-up, mattress would make things more comfortable. Basically we went to David Jones and threw money at the problem.
And now we are the proud possessors of a fucking HUGE, very very firm mattress with springs and layers and technical sounding construction. It's so tall, it's grandmother's-bed tall (grandmothers always had the biggest beds didn't they? Even bigger than your parent's bed). When I sit on the edge my feet don't touch the ground!
It's bouncy too.
It's our first proper adult bed, after 20 years of sharing one, as it were.
I know other couples invest carefully in the marital bed, getting a grown up bed for their grown up lives. We just never really got around to it.
Our first bed was my bachelor bed. A futon. A real futon. I liked it but after 10 years or so it was really just a cotton case stuffed with lumps.
Our next bed was another futon, only much fatter, padded, a bloated hippo of a futon really. It never quite worked, too soft I think, and eventually it started giving me dead arms in the night. It had to go.
Next came one of those memory-foam jobbies. Comfortable enough but in the summer it baked us, that foam doesn't only remember your shape, it remembers, stores and blasts back at you, your body heat. Fine for winter but Summer, not so good.
And now we have this monster.
I love it.


Zoomie said...

Hail to the back!

Pink Granite said...

Sounds great!
When we got our new bed and popped on the mattress and box spring, my feet dangled as well. So Chuck made a little Goldilocks wooden foot stool - not too tall, not too short but just right!

cookiecrumb said...

Sleeping on a futon for all those years! I'd have to have a winch to pull me off the floor.
Happy new bed, you grownups.

Zoomie said...

Okay, enough time has passed. Time to be telling us how the furry girls are and what they've been up to. Did they deign to speak to you when you returned from Italy? Did you purchase for them Italian leather collars? If not, I expect you are both in the dog house.

e said...

I have one of those memory foam mattresses, and I love it. I don't find it an issue in the summer, though. But regardless, the point is you now have a proper bed. Yay for you!

S said...

My arms go dead at night! Do you think we need a new bed?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, my arms have gone dead in the night for the last 3 mattresses, including this one. It must be genetic!