Friday, July 1

Day 5, part 2 ...

... Rupert & I went for a little unaccompained wander through ancient & cobbled streets.
We went out after lunch, after the skys darkened and the wicked sun was covered.
We wandered and pootled and turned corners and looked in windows and saw things like baby ducks! Beautiful striped shirts (one of which may come home with me if I can find the shop again), ducks, more leather shops than you could poke a stick at and wonderful peeks of gardens behind gates and stone walls.


Zoomie said...

Just got caught up on all your doings - the light show for your birthday was AMAZing, I'm sad about the lovely spider, the cats are still characters (who is taking care of them while you are in Italy?), and Italy looks like a wonderful dream.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, the birthday, o so long ago! The furry girls are in Kitty Gulag :( But at least they will appreciate us when we get back!

Pink Granite said...

(I'm running our of adjectives!)
Thank you!

e said...

Mmh mmh! Loving these pictures, good job Ms. Mouse and Rupert!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - it's all Rupert really, he's lovely.