Thursday, June 30

Day 5 ...

... Today I went shopping. From that little lot I will be whomping up a nice Coq au vin so that Mr Brown can say "Coq" several times and chuckle. He's such a boy!
Last night we went out for dinner after the "boys" came back from unpacking, repairing and sailing their boats. They got back very late and so we ate very late (actually Mr Brown & I ate at our typical munching time but some of the others were a little freaked by the 'European' dining hour).
As we sat outside, by the lake the wind got a little wild, waves started thrashing themselves up against the shore and the dock and sheet lightening lit up the sky. And it cooled down, o thank goodness it cooled down.We headed home just as the rain started, which meant the gelato shops were all CLOSED! Which meant I could not have yet another scoop of my new favourite, a sort of slightly sour cherry syrup swirlled in vanilla, Amarena!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm #nom


Pink Granite said...

Reading between the lines it seems you are feeling better - Yay!
Love the photo of the evening lights and the rooftops.

Sue said...

I didn't realise that you were blogging while you were away and for some reason your updates don't come up on my list. Need to check that out.

I am thrilled to see your holiday photos and it'll be great to share in on the action from now on. Your photos are gorgeous and I'm super jealous of the whole trip. Don't let the boat stresses stress you out - that's Mr B's problem.

The photos are stunning and I now have another place to add to my list of places to see before I die. There are so many, I think I need to retire next year and start travelling more.

Enjoy every moment, looking forward to the next instalment.

Sue x

PS. Tell Mr Brown, I said I hope you all enjoyed the "Coq"... hahahaha!