Saturday, March 12

Frog watch day 6 ...

... I was preparing myself, at 1:30am, to post some sad news of the nature-is-a-bitch variety.
You see, I woke at 1am because of pounding rain, it was in sheets, literally a deluge. A mad, half-asleep, rush was made to close all the windows. Too late, it had poured in, wetness abounded. And, as happens every-so once-in-a-while, water made its way into the dining room, down the wall.
Once the mop-up was done, damage control under control, I worried about the tadpoles that hatched only yesterday. So much water was pounding down on the pond, they were sure to be washed out, into the garden.
It was too wet and too dark to go see and there'd be nothing I could do to save them anyway.
But this morning I found that NO, they had survived! They, or a great many of them, managed to stay put and are wriggling most delightfully.
Nibbling at algae and, I suspect, the remains of their spawn and possibly their unfertilized brothers and sisters.Mr Brown has agreed to set up some sort of bird barrier, as we now suspect the other tadpole crop may have ended up as avian snack food.Not this lot though, not if we can help it. I want to hear that gentle "bok, bok, bok" for years to come.
In other news, our next door neighbours, those of the painting and path sagas, told us yesterday that they'd sold their house and were moving.
They were made an offer they could not refuse, an offer of $1.2 million dollars.
I am gobsmacked. Truly, if we moved here today we simply couldn't.


cookiecrumb said...

The tadpoles are so small! How happy that they survived, and hooray, Mr Brown, for the protection. (Still. Nature makes my heart beat in a sad way. The humanity! The tadpolity!)
Anyway, now you know what your house is worth. More than your neighbors', because you have the best path.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, the are WEE, 6 could fit on my thumbnail!
As for the house, their insides are "extensively renovated" ie, modernised. Our long thin house has no such fiddlings so could not possibly be worth that much. Nope, no way.

S said...

Perhaps just $999000 then?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S - Nar, it's silly money paid by a lunatic. I just hope living next door to such a dafty is not too dreadful. Couldn't be worse than the drunken irishman surely?

Zoomie said...

I'm glad that Nature, red in tooth and claw, is prevented from having sway in the Brown Mouse garden. The froglets approve.

Zoomie said...

Oh, and I love the little "bok, bok, bok" - sounds like drops of water into a pond.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, the first time I heard the bok, bok, bok, I ran myself ragged trying to find the leaky tap/pipe :)

Pink Granite said...

Yay Tadpoles!
As for the 1.2 million, a rising tide lifts all boats. A high price - even crazy high - is better than your neighbors selling their home for less than what you paid for yours!
- Lee

e said...

Wow, indeed an offer they could not refuse. Was this someone who had buried a body or a treasure in the yard many years before and needed to recover it?

I love the tadpoles. I haven't seen actual tadpoles since I was a kid.