Wednesday, February 9

So, on Sunday ...

... afternoon, before I wrote the last post and before we went to bed ... Mr Brown and I went for a little drive to one of those 'homemaker' centres to visit a bedding shop.
We went to buy one of these. I blush a little because it turns out the product was designed for persons undergoing the ... menopause. But fuck it, I was HOT and could bear it no more.
Then we went to the movies, because there was air conditioning and ice cream (rather good, gelatissimo ice cream as it happens) and then we lingered over our weekly grocery shop at the 'old persons' cooling centre' aka a Mall! (thanks for the term Cookie). When we stepped outside after the hunt&gather the cool change had hit.
Which rendered the purchase of the cooling sleeping mat a little redundant. Still, as a Twitter peep said, "Summer's not over yet".
Anyhoo, I popped the thing on the bed anyway, just to see. Most cooling it was, lovely, almost as if heat was being drawn from our hot little (he hem) bodies. We slept the sleep of the just, with a sheet over us and everything. Bliss.
Until 3am when I am wakened by a frantic Mr Brown.
"Quick, we've got to get this bloody thing OFF. I'm BOILING."
"What? What? What d' y' want to do?"
"Get it OFF, I'm dying!"
He was right, the mat had sucked out all the heat and, ultimately, ran out of cooling mojo and started just storing the warm.
We stripped the bed, pulled it off, remade the bed and went back to sleep. Well, he did, I lay there, cursing, fretting and being cross about the $300-odd lump of pointless gel mat lying on the floor.
I could have bought a nice pen with that $$. Bastard thing.


Pink Granite said...

I was feeling quite optimistic that this might be a good option for when "that which shall not be named" hits me. Until I saw how brief the relief was!

Ttheir FAQ page says it works for two hours and then it takes two more hours to "recover" for re-use!

So, what? You have to buy two? Then wake up every two hours and swap out one for the other? Sounds restful.
- Lee

(Thwap, thwap, thwap...)

Roo said...

Can I apologise now for laughing out loud... sorry ;o)

Zoomie said...

What a weird thing to make you hot when it promises cold. Demand your money back!

cookiecrumb said...

What a horror! And expensive, too.
For my episodes of "personal summer," I would rip off my shirt. (At home, dummy.) At bedtime, I would just sweat the sheets up. Ack.
(Lee: It's not too bad, really. I didn't take hormones either.)

Pink Granite said...

Hi C -
Thanks for the reassurance!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I'd say it lasted longer than 2 hours but it's not an alnighter that's for sure.
Roo, forgiven, even I'm laughing about it now, now that the weather is nicer :)
Zoomie, we've used it, it's soaked in several gallons of poor Mr Brown's sweat (ick) ...
Cookie, I HATE to sweat, it's horrid, yuck, nasty, uggg! I hope you're right about the meno, my mum's had symptoms for several decades now, which is not good news for me, her womb fruit! (Sorry Lee)

Sue said...

I too was just starting to be jealous that we didn't have such things here... sufficient for an afternoon nap? Providing you're not too exhausted to quickly change the bedding before napping. And after... What a waste!! Definitely try getting your money back. Consumer rights and all.

Sue X

S said...

wipe it down and take it back..was there a warning label on it?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

SOAKED SOAKED and they did tell us it wouldn't last all night. I think it just couldn't cope with his excessive body heat. I'm going to keep it for just me - my pathetic output isn't likely to boil an egg!