Saturday, January 8

When Mr Brown brought Tigger home yesterday evening ...

... he brought with him a little folder containing discharge instructions and post-operative instructions for cats. He neglected to bring said folder to my attention, my attention being otherwise engaged with fussing over Tigger and fretting over her HUGE abdominal scar and supervising Pingu's full-blown sniffing frenzy of the poor, still befuddled Tinkywoo.Ping then went on to surveil the neighbourhood as is her nightly task.
Tigger's discharge instructions instructed us to:-1. Keep her inside for 10 days - sure, no problem, she's an indoor cat after all and we have, as yet, failed to order the enclosure thingy to allow the indoor girls a little, unaccompanied, outdoor time.2. Feed her a bland diet this evening - shit, I read this about an hour after I fed the little minx an egg yolk (her favourite non-meaty treat).3. Restrict exercise for 10 days - hahahahaa, really? And just HOW are we expected to do that? (Actually, in her post-operative daze Tigger's been pretty subdued and snoozy anyway, but not, I suspect, for 10 days).The sheet also advised me Tigger had "nice & clean" ears, "no tartar buildup" on her teeth (huzzah), that her nails were "not too sharp, so not clipped" (yes, we clipped them ourselves just the other day) and that there was "no evidence" of fleas (I should think not, we got rid of the pet flea she brought home with her from the cattery day 1!).
Doesn't Ping have the most beautiful green eyes?

The post-operative instructions advised us to remember "it only takes a few seconds of unobserved chewing for a cat to undo it's stitches". Yes indeed, I found one on my chest this morning, after a spot of Tigger snuggling. A frantic check reveals no undoing, as it were, she just seems to have snipped off the stringy bit.She is being watched, like a hawk.


Pink Granite said...

Oh my!
It's a full time, round the clock, 24/7 job isn't it?
Add to that the worrying and you must be plum tuckered out!
Hope Tigger's recovery goes smoothly and swiftly!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, bad parents that we are, we're off out for dinner tonight :)
All goes well, sleepy, quite, but well.

Pink Granite said...

Sounds like things are already settling down then - that's good!

cookiecrumb said...

The question is are *you* feeling better?