Monday, January 10

On Vets ...

... and their advice, regarding the medication of cats.
Cats do not like to take their medicine, this is known by all. It's why this is so funny. Ha, ha, ha, we've all been there, right?
It was a good 20 years of cat ownership before a vet told me about the 'butter method'. That's got the pill thing fixed, but Tigger's recent medication is in liquid form.
"Here" said the (rather charming and handsome young) vet, "I'll show you how, it's easy". And with that he grabs the scruff of Tigger's neck, pokes the squirty end in the side of her mouth and squeezes in the medicine (palatable, apparently, banana flavoured!). Not a struggle, no spitting out, easy as pie. Handsome curly-haired vet smiles and hands over the rest, "twice a day until it's gone".
Seriously, do vets not get it? Of COURSE it's fucking easy at the surgery! The cat is terrified and will accept anything, don't they know this? Don't they believe owners when they tell tales of medication trauma? Are they that bloody obtuse?
*Wanders off to find the antiseptic cream*.


Zoomie said...

My vet is wonderful - he truly understands that it's much harder to do at home. And he has the scratches to prove it.

cookiecrumb said...

Ooh. You got scratched or bitten. Sorry. It's tough, isn't it? We're applying Neosporin to Bartlett's hoo-hoo, which she hates and will bite us, and then promptly licks it off. Sigh.

Pink Granite said...

Two adult humans to one cat improves the odds. Scooping the cat up in a bath sheet also helps.
Then the whole squirt in the side of the mouth thing is at least feasible!
- Lee
P.S. Liquids around here are bubblegum & pink!

Sue said...

Our vet is also handsome and very honest. He told me I couldn't give my dog too much of her one type of medication, because it'd make her 'fanny' (privates) swell up and she'd be like she was going on heat. She's 10. I love our vet. He's so down to earth.

Glad to see that Tigger's feeling better - hope she doesn't wound you too badly!!

Sue x

PS. She does have the most beautiful eyes ever!!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, we've been pretty lucky with vets (after the first one - we dumped him pronto), I suspect most people who become vets are just plain nice people. It's a good practice, the one we use, and it's just down the road.
Goodness Cookie, what's the matter with the puppy's bits?
Lee, I wouldn't DREAM of attempting a medication without a second - and we wrap her up tight in a towel - but goodness she can wriggle & fight - a true tiny tiger :)
Sue, don't you just love a handsome vet, this one has curly hair and twinkly eyes :)

cookiecrumb said...

Just some non-specific, virginal germ-itis. She's so good, we have asked her not to lick, and she doesn't! (And. So this is why she'd been humping her teddy bear.)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Poor puppy, erk, rude puppy :)

Zoomie said...

My vet is tall and teddybearish - swoon. If I was quite a bit younger and he wasn't married, I'd be coming on to him for sure! Also sweet, down to earth, and kind right to the bones. Love him!

I used to put my cats between me and the arm and back of an overstuffed chair to give pills - or the sofa. They can't back up, they can't hurt themselves - it works _most_of the time.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, If I was quite a bit younger and the vet wasn't married I'd be flirting up a storm! We are using the "wrap up tight in a towel" method atm, works ok-ish, though Tigger bit Mr Brown this morning - grrrr!

cookiecrumb said...

Just so you know, Bartlett discovered on day 3 of treatment that it really does provide relief, and she just lies down and lets me rub it on. I love that girl!

e said...

Yeah, the drops on the side of the mouth works but you might need to towel her. It depends on the cat, too. I know exactly how much body armor I need with which cat.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E, a very tightly wrapped towel it is, with me holding her while Mr Brown administers the squirty stuff! How you do it on your own is beyond me.