Wednesday, July 12

Small's been to the vet ...

And lordy mclordy it turns out she's got plasma cell pododermatitis (fuckit). Poor little paw pads are all swollen and cracked and in danger of ulceration (oh garwd). This means she's on antibiotics for at least a month, probably two, morning and night.
And this is the problem. Small may be quite old, she may not be very big and she may weigh next to nothing but my wordy she fights like a daemon when you try to pill her. It's a two-human job, involving towels, special pill pokie sticks and much frothing, temper losing and biting.
The look on our faces must have communicated some of this to the vet who suggested powering up the (dark green) pills and mixing it with butter. Then smear the butter on her whisker pads.
We tried it (looked like her face was sprouting mould) and it worked, Ping protesting most violently at not getting any!
This leads me to the question, in the 20 years of so of owning my own cats (as opposed to sharing my Mum's) why hasn't a vet ever told me this before?????
(Oh go on look, her paws aren't that bad mind - but you can see why I freaked when I googled her symptoms before we went to the vet!)


caw said...

aawwww, poor wee Small but also poor wee you two having to go thru all that tackling to get her to take her pills in previous years.

My mum used to suggest putting butter on their liddle pawsies so they could lick crushed pills and butter off their hooves ... that worked really well until one day my cat jumped off my lap & ran into the garden, her feet covered in butter and white powder ... and mud. Oh dear.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yers, the putting on the paws doesn't work so well cos they flick their paws and coat the walls with stuff! beasties!