Monday, January 17

I've not gone on (much) ...

... about the flooding in Queensland, Northern NSW and now, poor old Victoria.
The papers, tv, radio, twitter, everything really, is going on about it, I don't need to add my 2c worth.
I established that those I know and care about were safe and sound, and after that just tucked it away, aware but no real focus.
It's happened, it's far away and so there's nothing, bar donating money to the Red Cross, I can do about it. Add to that what's going on in the rest of the world, like Brazil for instance, gives me a little perspective, to worry myself into a froth would be pointless. So I'm not going to.
Having said that, go look at these amazing photographs, awesome, as in they fill you with awe.


Pink Granite said...

Thank you for those photos. They tell the tale without the closeups which sometimes feel intrusive on those devastated by the disaster.

cookiecrumb said...

OMG, that just ain't right. Beautiful expozay.
I recently met a new (to me) AU blogger, who recently moved to Victoria. Wet.
I forgive you for not worrying yourself into a froth. You reflect me.

CAW the Poodle said...

Incredible aerials by zee lovely ABC, thank you posting missy! Our town got dunked under 16m of water, canoes & boats filled the main street. Nuts. Our home took a pounding but we got off lightly by comparison.

I agree re not getting into a lather over it. More than enough lathering went on in Qld I can assure you!

A lady from a news agency in Tokyo asked me if I wanted to write a piece on the floods. I declined. Pink Granite is so right - to intrude on those whose lives have been irrevocably altered seems intrusive & absurdly insensitive.

On a cheerier note, the sun shone all day again. The park is brown with mud, the trees are brown all over & even tho it stank from stagnant water, the ducks still made me laugh.

Go ducks!


Zoomie said...

The loss of life in Brazil seems far greater but the damage all this water will cause is incalculable. Both places are beleaguered. Sad times.

e said...

Really amazing. Thanks for posting.