Sunday, January 16

According to ...

... this, Ping is a 'spotted tabby' and she has correctly matched nose and toes.
Tigger, on the other hand, has a grey/brown nose and pink toes! O NOES!You will have to clicky to enbiggen.


S said...

wow you paid alot for a tabby!

Roo said...


Sorry to have been away for so long, just catching up from the holidays and work etc.

Glad to hear Tigger is better! Pets..we do worry over them (I still miss having Bob around)

Hope all is well with you both

Roo xx

Zoomie said...

My last Siamese, a blue point, had rings around his tail, faint but raccoon-like. A no-no in some eyes but I thought he was lovely.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, yep, I think it was the "oriental lavender" bit before the "tabby" that added the $$$$ :)
Roo, hellooooooooooo! Tigger is most fine, stitches out tonight, then I can stop with the worry.
Zoomie, Small was a blue point and she had the faintest stripes in her tail too - the breeder said that made her "pet quality", and we agreed, she was tip, top pet quality.