Thursday, December 9

Broad, Brutal, Cold, Coastlines ...

....Yes, exactly, that's the kind of coastal experience that moves me.
(clickie the linkie, the sights are amazing)
I don't like the 'beach'. I like coastline.
Walking along a 'beach' is ok. I guess, in the winter time. When all the wave n weather freaks are out, rugged up, wandering from end to end watching a dark sea lift and fall, heaving with energy, eroding like nobody's business.
I'll tolerate the 'beach' if there's broad plains of rock, pitted with pools. Those soup dishes and troughs, teaming with life.
Smooth dark granite or rough pale sandstone, I love to wander over both, peering, poking, late in the afternoon, as the sun fades away.
But I'd so much ather watch huge waves crash over rocky cliffs - black, wet, jagged, thrusting into the sea and sky - wearing sea spume like harsh lace.
The sound of it thrums through me. It makes me feel alive, cool, clear-headed and aware.
Please don't ask me to delight in the idea of a 'beach' holiday in summer. Not the traditional sunny, sandy, hot, crowded, bright sky, holiday. My. Idea. Of. Hell.


Zoomie said...

"harsh lace" - perfect image! You need to visit Northern California and Oregon coastlines - they have the rocks, the waves, the tidal pools. You'd love them. And, yes, the water is COLD!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, one day, when the security stuff has died down a bit, Mr Brown and I are going to drive up the entire pacific north-west coast, it looks the most amazing place.
Don't mind the cold water, I have no intention of swimming in it and Mr Brown generally packs a wetsuit for our winter beach holidays :)

cookiecrumb said...

I'm all done with beaches. Too much sun, saggy old skin.
No, I retract that. A few years ago I visited the most amazing tidal pools in Muir Beach with scads of starfish! It was wonderful.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, beaches blerg, tidal pools, on the other hand, BLISS ON A STICK.

Zoomie said...

I still love beaches, but not for sunbathing. For walking, looking for shells, watching dogs frolic, wading in the water (especially in Hawaii where the water is warm), no place beats a beach.

Anonymous said...

I still have a most beautiful picture of you and your siblings fossicking in a tidal pool at Scotts Head on the NSW north coast. It lives in my dreams. themother

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ma, I think I know that picture, I'm in a crochet bikini - arrrrgggggg!