Tuesday, August 24

Wot's for dinner then, eh?

... yep, those are eyeballs, eyeballs on a plate.
Francisco de Zubaran's Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the poor, and eyes.
This is what you get for googling 'eyes on a plate'. Ummm, no, I don't think I'll tell you why, see if you can guess!


Roo said...

Last catch up

Spring - bugger, we missed it

Eyeballs - ever tried a sheep's eye cooked? Don't.

Jury duty - how can lunch be that bad?

Pathway - hangovers? Looking good though

Cheers ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, Spring is sprunging all over
I don't suppose I'll ever intentionally try an eyeball, ick.
Lunch? White bread, one lettuce leaf and industrial ham or chicken, that's how bad!
As for the hangovers, we'd all had VERY nice evenings out before the path was laid :)

S said...

those eyeballs have eyelids!

cookiecrumb said...

Still can't guess, and I even Googled it.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

S, yes, perfectly creepy aren't they.
Cookie, it's dull really, I spotted the picture watching a doco about the Baroque art movement and didn't catch the artist's name. So I just googled the picture, "eyes on a plate" and bingo, up he came :)