Saturday, July 31

She grows ...

... I'll confess I was worried that Tigger wasn't growing. She's so damned wee.
And then an insomniac Mr Brown was browsing through some photo files the other night and called me down to show me that yes, she grows.Her ears are finally starting to fit and her mask is more than just a nose smudge, it's settling in like she's a proper Siamese Cat (or masked bandit). She's nowhere near as big as her favourite living thing, Pingu (where're ya goin' Ping, what'cha doin' Ping, can I come too? Oooo look! It's Ping, bounce, bounce), but she's getting there. Well, maybe not getting there exactly. I don't think she'll ever have the size and heft of Ms Pingu, but at least I'm assured we didn't bring some sort of growth-retarded kitteh home.
She's still the naughtiest thing we've ever met (possible exception of some human children). She managed to turn the lounge room light on the other night, by leaping and swinging off the light-switch cord and she stole some old silicone sealant from the shower recess (Mr Brown was doing a little light replacing) last night, and brought it to me in bed. Yuck.
We are glad, though, that we brought her home.


Pink Granite said...

Your description of Tigger's devotion to Ping left me all choked up.

Chuck has been helping me keep track of time; gain perspective on progress and Mr. Brown helped you to look back and see proof of Tigger's progress. These fellows, always so helpful!
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...

Good going, little pretty kit.

Cats are gods you don't have to pray to. But they cause us to provide their food.

e said...

With my kitties I always think they look small even when they're fully grown. They don't become grown to my eyes until way later. Is it possible that Tigger is bigger than you think? And she's beautiful! I was just going to say that we have not had many Tigger and Pingu pics lately.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, you old softie you :) It is nice, isn't it, to have someone keep your very special kind of lunacy in check - I was all set to take poor little Tigger to the vet for growth tests or something.
Cookie, tiny household deities, oui.
E, It's been so grey, dark and wet lately I've just not taken Rupert out. But the whole family went outside just now, and photos are being uploaded!

S said...

Ohh gotta love a big sister xx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Hey little sister, xxxxx, right back at ya!