Wednesday, November 19

Tortoise black market ....

... Oh how I want a tortoise in my life. A proper one, like English and American and Japanese kiddies can have.
A Greek one,

or a Russian one,

or maybe a Leopard Tortoise.

Just a little one, not one of those Galapagos jonnies,

that would be silly.
But I am THWARTED by the guvamint. Bastards.
Does anyone know if there's an black market in illegal exotic tortoises out there? Do I really have to go and live in another country?
I'd rather miss Mr Brown.


cookiecrumb said...

When the beautiful birdies fly over my house, I say to Cranky, "I want that bird."
But then I realize I have ALL the birds. I just don't have them in cages.
(Does that help?)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

But Cookie, the tortoise would have free run of the back yard, a veritable verdant tortoise paradise!
Didn't an eagle kill some philosopher or other by dropping a tortoise on his head?
(nope, didn't help)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

But thanks for trying.