Tuesday, November 4

Today I ...

... saw a fire engine, with its cherry picker fully extended, outside a building. But no smoke or flames. Perhaps they were rescuing a pigeon.
Saw a man in a pistacio green suit and a bright blue suit (tis Melbourne Cup day afterall).
Didn't win anything on the GeeGees (my meeting ran long and I missed out on the sweeps *booo*)
Found this new toy on the interwebs.
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Zoomie said...

Heartening to see that your lovely old staghorn fern is doing well after its sunburn!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, unfortunately that's an old picture - he is getting better though, I can see the start of a little rosette on him!

Pink Granite said...

Very cool gizmo.
Thanks for the lovely, relaxing photos!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, thanks, I love to share the gizmo news around!