Friday, October 31

What we did on our holidays - Day 4 ...

... we walked the back lanes and arcades of Melbourne until our feet became plates of meat.
I found a shop called Morgan, and bought a shirt.
I'm sure we had lunch, I know we found the Hill of Contentment Bookshop where I made an addition or 2 to my library, I started reading Corvus in the bath, soaking my poor tootsies.
Mr Brown swam in the hotel pool, having bought himself a new pair of trunks. No, not those ones, I could not persuade him. He wouldn't even buy the socks!
Dinner at Bistrot d'Orsay was excellent, very French, except my dessert, a play on gin and tonic, very bland and I didn't bother finishing it. My main course, gnocchi (so light, like spudly clouds) with mushrooms and hazelnuts, was really worthwhile. Mr Brown was plate-licken satisfied with his fishy main and his stealings from my excellent smoked salmon starter.
Wicked, well it's not as good as the book but we had a good time. Mr Brown refused to buy me one of those bright green florescent drinks at intermission, which is a pity because I was looking forward to finding out if it would make my pee glow in the dark.


Pink Granite said...

When we saw Wicked I don't remember any cool green drinks being available at intermission. Clearly, Australians do much niftier things than we do!

Your vacation sounds wonderful. Perhaps you have a second career in your future, planning romantic getaways?
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It's funny though, what people expect of their holidays. A friend commented my holiday was all buildings and gardens, not her sort of thing at all!