Friday, August 15

Sensible Shopping …

… almost.
Yesterday my mama expressed a desire to possess some pink salt flakes, stating she was unable to locate an emporium willing to sell her such an exotic item in the Shire (no, I don't understand why she lives in such an uncivilised hell-hole either). So, I popped down to the DJs Food Hall to get some for her, as you do.
On the way to the food hall I had to got through the menswear department. I spotted some lovely looking, colourful striped swimming trunks. “Oooh,” thought I, “they would be just perfect for my lovely Mr Brown”. (Mr Brown goes to the local pool every Sunday, for a swim, he’s always back in time for Sunday Night Soup and Dr Who! Still, he wears rather nasty blue budgie smugglers, because he’s a serious swimmer, and I hate them.)
So, I wandered over for a gander, they were designer items by Mr Paul Smith (who also makes the PJs I desire for myself, but refuse to pay $250 for) and were priced at $99.
My sensible brain kicked in, “NO WAY," it shouted at me, "$100 for swimmers is too much to contemplate, even for his birthday, he’ll have chocolate and be happy with it”. And so, I wandered on.
I found the pink salt and was tempted by the Welsh smoked sea salt but no, $12 for 100g was “fucking ridiculous” according to my sensible, thrifty brain. I moved on.
My fun, spendthrift brain was, however, able to shout down the dull prudent one when it came to the Terraza Saffron Syrup. I splashed a bit in last night’s risotto, yummy.
All pics swiped from the linkies.


Zoomie said...

I love the expression "budgie smugglers" - gonna use that one of these days! And so appropos now during the Olympics!

cookiecrumb said...

But poor Mr. Brown. Still smuggling grapes (that's the version I've heard).

Ms Brown Mouse said...

There is a very wicked woman I work with who is trying her hardest to talk me into getting those spiffing swimmers, I may well relent!

Pink Granite said...

Sorry -
I'm completely distracted by the notion of PINK salt flakes!!!
As for "budgie smugglers" that's a new one on me as well!
Would Mr. Brown wear these new swim trunks or is he a creature of habit?
What does Mr. Brown think about our discussing his possible future swim trunks?
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, the pink salt is lovely, a soft sort of saltiness and you get the bonus feelgood factor because using the salt means you're assisting Australia's serious inland salinity problem!
As for the budgie smugglers, I'm sure he won't mind the discussions, afterall he already thinks all I ever think or talk about is him, him, him!:)

LBA said...

I luff Mr Paul Smith, but yes, I am a Terry ( Tightarse ) like your good self, it seems.

Still, if you were contemplating, it might seem that Mr Brown Mouse might be quite the dish, to be able to wear those ( although I see your need, what with the speedos and all - yerk ! )

Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B -Tis funny, I'm TA about some things and not others - & (obvy) I think Mr Brown is a bit of OK ;)