Tuesday, October 21

Right then, we're off ...

... we are going here (err, no, I've not managed to get my passport yet), where we will be staying here, dining here and here and have booked ourselves a treat here. About 19 years ago, when we were young and courting, Mr Brown & I went there (I worked in the district, he'd drive 800km every month to visit for the weekend), did the mineral bath thing, the massage thing and then picnicked in the grounds. It was lovely. Fingers crossed the revamp has not spoiled things.
Then we will be going here, dining here and here (because I could not get us in here - bah) and going to see this. I loved the book, the sequel and have bought the 3rd in the series, all about the cowardly lion, to read on the plane.
4 days, 2 towns, 1 city, at least 4 restaurants, 1 show and, no doubt a gallery or 2, some shops, holiday here we come.


Zoomie said...

I've got the book in my stack to read yet - glad to hear you liked it! Have a lovely time - but do you really need a passport to travel within the same country?

Anonymous said...

Oh i so wanted to see that...god i live so far from all the good things now! bugger it. S

Anonymous said...

Zoomie, the passport ref was because we WERE planning to go overseas, but couldn't because I'm not so organised in the passport direction.
S - you could always get a cheap flight down!

Pink Granite said...

Oh it all looks very, well, grand (Grande)!
I hope you and Mr. Brown enjoy every single luxurious minute!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, so far so good!