Thursday, October 23

Posting on the road ...

... is proving quite difficult - *grumbles* and my 6-year-old camera is apparently "redundant", according to some country Victorian hick *mutters*.
Please, talk amongst yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a lovely time. i've been to daylesford - it is beautiful. and next time london, right?

cookiecrumb said...

"Redundant." LOL.
In US-speak, that means there's one too many. In Britty-speak, I guess that means it's about to be axed.
I'm thinking of a new camera too, because mine is not only redundant, it's possibly rotten.

LBA said...

Was the 'Victorian' bit really necessary ?

A hick is a hick is a hick is a hick ;)

And besides, it's an excuse to get a new camera, right ?

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lucy, yes, next time London, whenever next time is.
Cookie, over this a way, it can mean both really. Can't get the little card things that the photos save on anymore, perhaps obsolete would be better.
H&B, 'Victorian', perhaps not necessary but descriptively accurate nonetheless. I’d have called him New South Welsh, South Australian or Irish, ifn that was what he was, just to flesh out the picture, don’t you see! And yes, I’ve finally got the ok to get myself something bigger and better – stand by for photos of the hairs on bees’ knees!