Monday, October 20

On the last day of high school ...

... a lot of the girls had other girls sign their uniforms. I didn't, my uniform was destined to go to my little sister. There was quite a bit of showy weeping by the more popular set. I, on the other hand, was taken aside by the principal and told to "stop looking quite so pleased with yourself".
Apparently I had a HUGE smile smeared right across my dial, and it wasn't considered fitting to be looking so happy it was the very last day I would ever have to be at that place (can you believe, in the whole intertubies there isn't a single link to the school? Perhaps it burned down or something, but then there would at least be a newspaper article, hmmmm).
Anyway, the point of the story is one of those girls, at the 10-year reunion, brought her uniform. She had embroidered over every single signature and doodle. Which rather puts this in the shade.


cookiecrumb said...

My high school burned down! Yay.
Ha ha.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Really? Wow, how cool. One trusts you didn't have anything to do with that though.

LBA said...

'Uniform Girl' sounds desperate, clingy and waaaaay too obsessive.
She'd stalk other people's husbands on facebook, *any money*

But I kinda really like the recipt art. A lot.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B it did seem a wee bit over the top, the receipt made me laugh!