Sunday, October 19

I know that this is supposed to be all romantic and everything ...

... this proposal story. But I'd have just died of embarrassment, and said no, had Mr Brown pulled a stunt like this. In front of people! In a public space! The fellow must have been supremely confident of her affirmative response.
I don't much hold with public displays of affection. A bit of a hand hold, now and again, nothing excessive. A peck on the cheek in moments that call for it, but otherwise, keep it private, just for the 2 of you.
Oh, us? "How about October then?" At our house, after a very ordinary dinner a deux. My acquiescence, of course, led to our folie à deux of some considerable time.


LBA said...

I remember saying to my husband over a plate of nachos and a footy game on the tele ( boring me, hence my annoying him ), 'so.. when are you going to ask me to marry you ?".

Then we wrestled, and decided on October also. No engagement, no rings, no faff.

Which reminds me, it's my anniv. tomorrow. Better iron a frock perhaps ?

I am such a bloke in the lurve dept :p

Ms Brown Mouse said...

H&B - happies for tomorrow, get thee to the iron woman. I trust a bebesitter can be found.
Nothing wrong with a bit of reticence - gushing and displays are all a bit off putting.
As for a ring, I got to wander out, a few days later, and pick out a nice ring, very limited budget, but I still rather like it, from a 2nd hand shop near my place of work, not bling-y in any way, shape or form. Nothing wrong with a bit or