Wednesday, October 29

Birds, they're not the brightest crayons in the box ...

... well (the very aptly named) Noisy Miners aren't anyway.
I've just spent the last 15 minutes stumbling about in the gloaming, in a sodden garden, in my work clothes, "rescuing" a bebe Noisy Miner. All the while dodging his very grumpy parents in a scene reminiscent of The Birds. Couldn't they see I was doing the right thing? I'm sopping wet, I'm filthy and I'm now dealing with 2, frankly hysterical, cats who want to go outside and ... well we know what they want to do don't we? With all the yowling and carry on the girls are almost as noisy as the bloody parent birds.
The wee birdie is now in a tree, with his little brother (who I rescued on Monday night, in the DARK. At least it wasn't wet). I think they've been a little ambitious with their flying experiments. Their tail and wing feathers don't appear to be fully grown and they clearly can't fly!
Since the Monday night bird seems to be ok, still in the tree, and the parents are clearly hanging about, perhaps they will be ok.And now I've got to get cleaned up, slip on a posh frock and get into town to play the corporate wife. At least we're eating somewhere nice this time. Mmmm I could really do with a big hunk of steak, rare. Just wipe it's bum and send it over!


Zoomie said...

Sometimes, little birds are driven from their nests before they are really ready to fly because the nests have become infested with bird lice (no, they won't infest you - they only like birds). So bless you for getting them up into the trees and let's hope they stay there until their wing feathers grow enough. You are a sweet, kind person!

Pink Granite said...

Oh you've reminded me of a long, lovely story from my childhood. I must write it down sometime.

I'm really very hopeful and optimistic that both little baby birds will be just fine.

I agree with Zoomie, you are a sweet kind person!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, erk, infested nests, how horrible for them. If I could see the nest I'd be having Mr Brown up there dusting it with flea powder or somesuch. (I always wash my hands after handling wildlife, just to be sure!)
Lee, I'm chosing to believe they will be alright, it will break my heart to find lifeless feathered bodies in the garden!
Oh, and I'm not SWEET, I'm evil, I've done the meme to prove it ;)