Thursday, September 11

Visiting the Dark Ages ...

... I'm old enough to remember when shops closed on Saturday at 12 noon. They didn't open at all on Sundays. There were no hole-in-the-wall banks, you had to plan, visit the bank and take out enough cash to cover whatever it was you wanted to do. Hell, I remember being paid in CASH (I also remember being handed the wrong person's pay packet, she had the same surname and worked full time, I drooled for minutes before I fessed up).
Anyway, I returned to the bad old days today when I visited the Dinosaur Designsthis afternoon.
Some workmates and I planned a bit of a girls trip, leaving on the dot of lunchtime -having visited the cash machine on the way into work that morning because when we rang to enquire we were advised that cards were not accepted and EFTPOS was not an option.
You can imagine the scene, I mean how on earth can you plan how mad you are going to go at a sale??? (I ended up taking out WAY more than requried and now I have the uneasy feeling about all the cash I'm holding.) It's lunacy in this day and age!
So, we met in the foyer, taxied down to Strawberry Hills and then stood in a queue of Yummy Mummies and designer-clad lovelies for 1.5 hours!, We even ate lunch in said queue.
I did come away with some lovely stuff after we finally got in though, pics later dudes.


Ilva said...

I always use cash! I just love the faces of those types who are forever trying to put you into a credit card scheme in airports and such when I say I don't own one, I don't want one and that I like cash! apart for not having enough money to be able to get a serious credit card. and well, I do have a sort of credit card where you pay in a certain amount on it that I use for internet shopping. but it is sadly empty most of the time... so be wild and daring, go cash!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ilva, I don't feel safe hauling loads of cash around - it would be a form of budgeting though, imagine!