Thursday, September 11

So, why have I gone all secret squirrel ?

Because I was a bit silly and careless at work and shared some information with someone, and that information may have led her to my internet name, which may, in turn, have led her here.
And if that had happened it would have been shared with one person, who'd have shared it with one person, who'd .... well you get the picture.
I don't think I've said anything that would get me into any real trouble but I just don't want to be mixing my work self with my internet self.
Also, my sister is now locked out and I could start telling you STORIES THAT WOULD MAKE YOUR HAIR CURL!!!!*

*kidding S, kidding!


Cosy said...

Ok, I'm ready for all the juicy stuff now!

caw said...

LOL juicy, i hear ya - heehee.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Glad you're here!

Urban Koda said...

I feel most privileged to be included amongst the secret few. I'm ready for juicy as well!!

Pink Granite said...

Thanks for the explanation. I'm relieved it was nothing icky or sinister.
Also, many thanks for the secret decoder ring!

Now, can I get the URL for your sister's blog?
I bet she's got stories to tell!!!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee - the sister is not a blogger (that I know of) and she's already emailed me asking why she can't get in!
UK - hmmm, I see what I can dig up from under all those skeletons in the cupboard.

Ilva said...

I AM looking forward to some juicy stuff now.... Thanks for the invite, now I just have to stop expecting to see your posts and read them in my rss reader!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Ilva, with any luck this lockdown won't last long. And now I'm trying to think of SOMETHING juicy, the pressue is intense.

Pink Granite said...

Dear DMM's Sister -
Blogs on Blogger are free and easy to use.
Just wanted you to know that...
- Lee

cookiecrumb said...

Oooh. Inner circle!

e said...

Ah, the privileged few. But now much have juice!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Bunch of loons, there is no juice! I'm a middle-aged, surburban cat lady for goodness sake!

Pink Granite said...

Well that was fun!
I'm laughing out loud!

I know the collective noun for crows is a murder of crows - Chuck suggests an asylum of loons!
Your loony friend in the Blogosphere,

Pink Granite said...

Me again.
Any idea how we can go about freeing up your RSS feed again?
I keep getting asked for a user name and a password, which I don't know the correct answers to!
I enjoy scanning to see if you've posted something new.
- Lee