Monday, September 8

Sunday's soup ...

... was potato and leek with saffron and thyme. I'm pretty sure nobody is going to need a recipe for that.


Roo said...

So this soup - what potatoes did you use? Did you par-boil them first or cook from raw,did you mash/ mince? slice or dice them?? How about the leeks, sautéed first? Blanched? sliced, chopped, diced, fresh or frozen?? The Saffron? powder? natural?and the Thyme? fresh?, dried? or freeze dried?

Big pan?, or lots of pans?, did you whoosh it with a blender? or a blitzer, or use a sieve?

I really shouldn't drink so much coffee in a day... soup sounded nice thought ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Back away from the coffee pot Roo.
Leeks, fresh, sliced into rounds and sautéed in a little olive oil first. Spuds, plain, white ones, cut into cubes, cooked in the stock. Saffron, real (stamens). Thyme, fresh from the garden, a big bunch tied with string and dumped in, removed at the end. Whizzed with a hand blender, wheeee.

Pink Granite said...

Silly me.
I thought "potato and leek with saffron and thyme" was the recipe!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I guess if I'd said potato and leek with saffron and thyme, with chicken stock and cream it WOULD have been.