Tuesday, September 9

Life is too short to stuff a mushroom ...

... but I may find it in my heart to put time aside to make these zucchini dumplings.
Probably not though, to be honest, I may just look at the pictures.


cookiecrumb said...

Oh, jeezuzgod, no way!!!
Still, cute.
I'm going to go shower.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Perhaps one day, when I retire from the drone job, I'll make little woven dumplings of joy!

Pink Granite said...

I would happily pay good money for these in a restaurant.
But there's no way on Earth that I would ever have the patience to weave those little charmers!
When you retire and begin making them, you can invite me over and I will wax rhapsodic about your culinary prowess!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, if you ever make it down under, retired or not, I'll feed you woven dumpling - but not stuffed mushrooms, baked with butter,herbs and breadcrumbs perhaps, but never stuffed :)