Sunday, September 28

Sunday ...

... I managed to drag Mr Brown & his tape measure to a large electronic superstore this afternoon. The plan was to look as some fridges with big-arse freezers on the bottom. You know the kind, with several drawers and room for more than a packet of peas, bottle of vodka and some ice-cube trays. To replace the 17 year old electricity-sucking old one.
But Mr Brown hates shopping (I'm not keen on this kind myself, but needs must and all that), he didn't want to mess about and didn't want to come back to look again. He didn't want to compare prices, he just wanted it over and done with.
So, we are the proud parents of a brand, spanking new, energy efficient, big and shiny fridge.
Delivery, October 13.
And we planted 2 new passionfruit vines.
And we bought a smoke box, it's smoking some chook breasts as I type.
And he put in some fence-stuff so the freesias don't lie in the dirt.
And Sunday Soup is quick green soup again, because it's yummy and the spinach is cropping.


Roo said...

Blimey - that was a Sunday and a half ;o)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Roo, when we do a Sunday we don't mess about.

Pink Granite said...

I'm tired just reading the recap!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, so you can imagine how exhausting it was turning up for work on Monday.

cookiecrumb said...

Should I put in passion fruit vines? I know they will grow in this latitude.
Oh. Hell. I know you will say yes.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Cookie, put in several - you know you need more fruit at your place ;) Also, the flowers are very pretty indeed.

e said...

I had an old fridge at my apartment, before I bought my condo. My electric bill was about $50/month. I had no dishwasher, no garbage disposal, 1 tv and a vcr, and a computer. Now I have the new fridge, a dishwasher, computer, 2 tv's + hardware, my place is twice as big, and my monthly electric bill is $25. You did a good thing.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'll be watching that next electricity bill for improvements.