Monday, August 18

Sunday Soup ...

... Mr Brown & I usually have soup for dinner on Sundays. It's something I can bung on the stove while I'm doing other things. (Folding clean washing, gathering the newspapers from around the entire bloody house and into the recycling basket, yes, I know, domestic goddess/drudge). It fills the house with good smells and it's lovely and warming to eat while watching whatever bit of wonderfulness the ABC delights us with on a Sunday evening (Dr Who atm - bliss).
Any who, I share with you Quick Green Soup. NOT actually all that quick, ages more cooking is needed to mush up the dried green peas. Also, a bit fiddly at the end, popping the spice seeds, but well worth the trouble.
Very good soup.
Also, a few more peas, a little less water and it would be mighty fine over rice I think.


Pink Granite said...

We love soup!
So satisfying and restorative.
Thanks for the link!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

It's nice to share the good things in life. Soup is one of those good things I think.