Saturday, August 2

If anyone is being locked out of your blog on Blogger ...

... getting the message "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site of the site ... Operation aborted." Apparently it's something to do with SiteMeter. If you remove the code from your template (you've got to be quick before it shuts down) all will be well!
Thanks to Another Monkey for the tip.


Anonymous said...

oooo. thank you for this. i cannot get into my own bloggo for this very reason.

but .. i dont have site meter. all i have is the map thingie.

i also can't get into the superficial, which, as you can imagine is mildly annoying.

im gonna check out that other monkey's link and see what i can do. thank you dear one, muchly appreicated. i thought it was my PC and began to call it very bad names. again ;0 xxxxx

Pink Granite said...

I haven't had the problem, perhaps because I use Safari instead of Internet Explorer. But not sure who is having a problem accessing Pink Granite.

Here's another link with some info:
Hope this gets sorted out ASAP!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

CAW - Superficial and so many, many more - 'tis driving me crazy!
Lee - I can see your blog so all is well there, thank goodness!

e said...

This is why I switched to TypePad. I was having so many issues w/ Blogger, and I'm not savvy enough to fix problems most of the time. I need customer service to get me through the day.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

E - having spent all my play money on pretty rings, I'm going to have to stick with the freebie blogger!