Wednesday, July 16

In which we are annoyed and inconvenienced ...

... or at least we would be, if I had one of those difficult relationships with my mother or if Mr Brown had a more traditional relationship with his mother-in-law*.
My mum comes into town to work on the local rag Wednesday and Thursday. Because it's a hell of a trip (involving car, ferry, train & light rail) from her place to town, she stays with us Wednesday night.
We have a nice dinner, several glasses of wine and chat. She washes up Thursday morning!
The papal chaos that is Sydney this week somehow means she can't make it home after work on Thursday. So we get her an extra night. One trusts she'll wash up Friday morning too!

* as it happens they get on rather well, too well. He's convinced she'd side with him should we ever break up. She promises me not but he doesn't believe it!


Pink Granite said...

As far as my mother is concerned, the sun rises and sets on Chuck - - - me? not so much!
Say hi to your Mum!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, I know how you feel ;)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I think it may be because he fixes things for her, I'm not so handy. Also, he's a hugger!

Anonymous said...

what a super time LOL! i love that your mama does the dishes, that is so darling of her. we love our mums. :)

e said...

Moms are great. My next husband will have to get along well with my mom and dad, or he will not be my next husband.