Saturday, June 7

Despite the forecast ...

... it's not raining this morning, the sky is the most beautiful blue, the sun is actually shining, there's not a cloud to be seen and I'm about to hang out my third load of washing.
Perhaps I'll be able to use those new towels afterall.


Pink Granite said...

Yay for you and your laundry!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

And can you believe it, it's all in, folded and PUT AWAY - I feel like some sort of laundry supergoddess or somesuch.
I shall look for a cape at the markets tomorrow.

Zoomie said...

Enjoy those new, dried-outside, fragrant towels!

Pink Granite said...

Super Laundry Goddess, with your arms akimbo and a basket of neatly washed and folded at your feet!
For the cape you could use one of your new towels - perhaps the pale blue one!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Zoomie, that smell is one of the best isn't it?
Lee, don't forget my trusty sidekick, Pingu the Wondercat, also in the basket!